Is Raven free and/or open-source?

No. I stream myself building it and thus portions of the source code are visible on screen but it's not open-sourced nor am I providing any kind of support. I'm eventually going to license it to individual users and companies for profit, like Jetbrains.

Do you talk on stream?

No. I keep the mic on because hearing my mechanical keyboard as characters appear on the screen makes for a better viewing experience (I think), but I don't check chat or talk.

Why are you streaming?

I enjoy the attention, and it helps prevent me from goofing off while working.

Why C?

First, please read this article. Basically, Raven needs to be fast, and anything that uses garbage collection is a non-starter. After that, C++ is disqualified because frankly my IQ is not high enough to tackle the behemoth of complexity that C++ source code tends to morph into.

When will Raven ship?

April 15, 2019.

If you have more questions, please email me.